As you students have seen, college curriculum can be long and repetitive. Yes, you get to choose your classes for your major, however there are general education classes like math, english, biology, chemistry, and history that are still required to complete your degree. Some times it can seem like college is all work and no play, but remember that these times will have provide you with once in a lifetime opportunities. In my case, I was able to discover my heritage in Aztec Dance, and take wonderful risks with rock climbing.

Twice a week I would be able to recharge my soul with my traditional dance alongside members in my native community, all the while taking in the sweet smell of copal. It would allow me to remind myself why I was trying so hard in college; for the sake of my people and my family. Three times a week, 3 hours a day, you could find me at Metal Mark Rock Climbing Gym in Fresno, working on improving my physique from the tips of my toes to the ends of my fingers. Bouldering is as much a physical sport as it is a sort of full body puzzle. You try to solve each problem on the rock with your entire being, flexing, relaxing, pushing and pulling, some times all at once!

College is as much studying and learning as it is making new friends and relationships. Yes, you’ll have those days where you wish you could sleep just one more hour or eat more than just pb&j, but remember to set aside time for yourself, to breathe, recover, and smile ^__^.


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