1. Throughout the years, native americans used stories to educate others. These stories contained moral values that often taught people a lesson. Stories were also used to tell an experience or memory of oneself or others. Used to recognized those that have passed away. Therefore, native youth should continue these lessons and stories that were taught to them to further the long line of teaching across many generations.

2. I would have to say that my story is still in the making. I have yet way more stuff to do to complete this story. I have lived many things that are worth telling, but for me it is not enough. Not enough to be that inspiration that I want to be. I want to build a legacy that will long be remembered. The story that I will tell will be one to remember.

3. I dont necessarily have a favorite movie but one that I can and would like to relate to is the movie Gol. The movie is about a young boy who came to the United States along with his family with a tremendous passion for soccer. In order to maintain survival with his family  he joined his father’s gardening business at a very young age. Years passed and he continued to play soccer. And, one day at one of his soccer games he was seen by a man who happened to be an ex-scouting coach and offered him a chance at Newcastle soccer club. He ended up going and fulfilled his dream of playing professional soccer despite the problems that crossed his path. As a young boy I was brought here to the United States and I love to play soccer. My biggest dream has always been to play professional soccer. And, I will continue to work hard to fulfill my dream.


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