1) Its important for Native Youth to tell their own stories because they deserve to have their words, opinions, truth, and stories heard. Its important for them to fell at home in our society, to feel accepted for who they are and to not feel like outcasts because of who they are or what color their skin is.

2) I think that the story of how a lot of Native Youth grow up in should be told. As in, their home life, childhood struggles, what they’ve been through, and the pressure of trying to go to college when maybe they don’t have the support or financial aid to help them get there. Also about their education, many Native Youth may not have the resources or material to get through school, like books, pencils, paper, calculators, binders, notebook, etc. These obstacles can persuade them to not finish school, not go to college and convince them to stop following their dreams.

3) Smoke signals is my favorite Native American movie. I love the story and how it was told. I like how the movie tells some of the truths about Native American lives and some of the struggles we face.


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