Each person has some sort of background and a past that has shaped them into the person they are today.  They go through some events that could be horrible or happy. These events are important to be retold so younger siblings or children can learn from their mistakes.  It is true what our elder, Joe, says.  We are the future and we need to be the example for the next generation.  Although it seems doesn’t seem like a big deal, we need to tell our stories.  It may become a greater importance to someone else.  It may even make on feel better about themselves when they realize what depths your life took.

A story that I’d want to be heard more often is the story behind the artifacts within those museums.  Since the last time our group visited it, I’ve been pondering the stories of how it has gotten into those historians’ hands.  There is a mystery that tells a story.  We just have to discover it.  If those people had left those items to their rightful owners from way back, there wouldn’t be very much difficulty into finding those stories.  What would happen then?  Our native people of many nations have the desire to be able to have that history in our hands instead of having it lost.

My childhood was based of a unique film named “Lilo and Stitch”.  It teaches the importance of family and tells the story of how a little girl kept her emotions and conscience strong after her family was broken and became little.  She learned to forgive her new friend and later accepted him into her family although Stitch, the alien, has been very emotionally frustrating.  There were some aspects from that film that could be related to many other people’s lives and could be part of their story.  There are only few people that actually understand the extended theme throughout the movie that could help them learn some important life values.


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