Throughout generations, our people have used spoken word to pass down knowledge. Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples have used storytelling, along with body movements, to communicate teachings.

With every arm lift, there is a story. With every sway, there is a message. It is vital that our next 7 generations continue to practice these traditions. Our ancestors knew how to care for the land by giving back every time they took, and we must do the same.

I come from two backgrounds. From one grandfather, I come from the Mid/Southwest tribes of the United States. From the other, I come from the native roots in Mexico, Tenochtitlan. Both perspectives are vastly similar. There are stories that have been told to me about the history of the Great Lakes region in the United States having ties to Indigenous peoples from Mexico. Our customs are similar.

I have also conversed with elders from the Zuni nation. With every meeting, we uncover new identical sounding/meaning words. We have examined trade routes, where the Indigenous peoples from Mexico commerced with the Pueblo Natives. These are stories that must be shared, and I am honored to be able to tell them.




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