To me, culture means bringing my family together in ways that cannot really be explained, but expressed through ceremony and tradition.

Three cultural/ community aspects that will prepare me to be successful and lead a meaningful life for me will be:

1) The history of my culture, and what had happened to my people and their struggle will help me tell my story. It will also help me know what, where I come from.

2) The talking circle is really helpful because it is where our elders sit down and really teach us respect, all the old legends of our lands, and how we came to be. It is also where really get to let out our thoughts and express how we feel. Whether it is through song and dance, talking, or praying.

3)  sweat is important to me because sweat really helps us all to drain the toxins out of our body, and I always told that when sweating, “It is suffering, in a good way, it is praying for all of your loved ones, and ones that are struggling.”

Cultural knowledge and participation in ceremony help to prepare me for college and to further my education because I will go on sending out the statement that we as a people are trying to tell. I will go on teaching these things to my family. I will be able to use my traditions for prayer, if I am homesick and miss my tribal ceremonies. It will bring me closer, not physically,but mentally and spiritually.

I prepare to give back to my community by becoming a nurse in the future, so I can help my tribe stay healthy, and most importantly to make them proud. I also plan on talking to younger generations and really explaining to them what knowing our culture really means.


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