1. I like the songs, we learn new songs and we talk about how we were created. I feel great when I can learn new songs, one thing I find weird is when I have a hard time speaking my one language and yet when we learn new song with different languages we can catch on real quick. I like the circles also because w get to express our feelings, talk about our culture and ancestors and talk about how we were all close and how we all together at one time. I love my culture my “Schelangen” Our way of life. I also love to learn about other cultures to. Especially when we are told stories about the elders like about the Boldt decision and Frank’s landing. I loved learning about Billy Frank Jr. and watching clips of the things the white people did to the natives long ago just because we wanted our fish.

2. It helps us by knowing more about your culture, every tribe is taught to have patience. You need to learn and be patient, give things time to start the change, don’t assume things are gonna change in the snap of your finger. Things take to start and you need to have some of these things in the real world to. Have patience, don’t get mad so quickly, be kind to everyone you see even if their mean, my grandpa always says “kill them with kindness” you have to use some things form your culture and use it in the real world.

3. They prepare us for giving back to our community by getting a degree and going back home and working for your tribe. The place you grew up the people who helped you, the family who helped raise you, you need to give back to your community because some people gave you everything and you don’t just want to leave and never come back, you need to give back to all the people who helped raised you, encouraged you , discouraged you, all the people who helped you and didn’t, you just have to show them you can do it and show them what your made of :D.     Sincerely- MacKayla Sharon George


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