1.  The common application is helpful because while your applying you find out information about college and it takes you through some steps on how to apply.

2. They need to be prepared for the application. When I first looked at it I thought it looked kind of weird, you need to know the your information because obviously your parents can’t fill out your college application for you :D.. I started filling out my high school application and I had no idea on what to do I had to ask my auntie all these questions. So I guess kind of be prepared on what you think might be on there, there can be some things on there you wouldn’t expect, who knows, you won’t know until you fill it out.

3. It is important to do research before you apply because you need to know about the college and you need to know the majors, you need to know the some things you never expected while you do research, so when you do research and you find something you didn’t expect then your like “Oh okay this is good to know” so you can look things up you weren’t prepared for or thought were on it.

4. I think it’s important to write a strong college essay because maybe the better the essay the better chance you have getting into the college. You also have to have good grades, honestly this year I didn’t come out with the best grades, and I’m going to be in 11th so that is most likely gong to affect a college I want to apply for. So get good grades.

5. Some great tips on writing a good essay is write about your self and not others, they want to know about you, not your family your the one applying they want to know about you, have people go over it and re read it, get a lot of people to read it and give you feedback on how you did and if they say you need to make a few changes, then make them it’s only a few changes.

6. Some tips for telling my own story is I talk about my problems a lot so sorry, but I also want to tell how it’s affected me, how I wanted to give up but got back because the people who love me and believe in me encouraged me to get back up, It’s like Canoe Pulling, it’s our tradition in Lummi, we do races and if you lose don’t get so mad easy just keep trying and one day you’ll make it to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place just as long as you try and have fun, not everything is about competition as long as you do it and have fun with the people you love. 😀 MacKayla Sharon George


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