1. The commitment I can make is showing our teacher, she let us do a presentation about Pitzer’s program we have and we got more people to go so we can do that and talk to 2 of the councilors who are into helping kids get to college and graduating. But it’s only for any college in Washington, so I’m going to be doing a year maybe two at home then transfer to a different college, there are so many options. But our teachers at Lummi Nation School are so encouraging and always wanting us to succeed, they will even buy raffles from us :D. But we can show everyone back at home, they have big meetings at our community building for many things, we can go there and talk about it. I really want kids to look into college especially back at home there are a lot of kids who drop out at an early age an I don’t want that to happen to any more of my friends/cousins.

2. I will share the information with kids at our school. Try to encourage them if they would do that, but there are so many kids active with our culture, theres canoe pulling, canoe journey, they keep active so I guess that’s a good thing, but it won’t hurt to try something different.


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