I am happy to announce that the 2016 Student Application is now available in PDF form to download. It is available under the 2016 student applications tab or right here below.


The application comes in two parts:

Part 1: You fill out the application, your essay, resume, transcript, etc. The recommendation form is included in Part 1.

Part 2: Once part 1 is successfully completed, you will receive Part 2 – the medical forms, the rules and regulations, etc.

Once both parts are turned in with all your materials, your application will be completed.

Note on the Online Applications: There is no save-for-later feature on the online application. Your work will be saved when you are actively working on. But once you close the browser, it will be gone. So tip: write all your answers on a word doc and then input all your information at once.

Thank you for your patience as we work things out!


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