I feel so lucky to be a mentor for the Native Youth to College program this summer. Already I’m so impressed by the team of mentors, and am really excited to work with them and all the incredible students!

I’m an Azeri daughter who grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After my senior year of high school, I packed up my things and came to Pitzer for college! I just graduated this spring in Environmental Policy, and am unsure about what I’m gonna do for my next step…..! I do know though, that I am really passionate about social and environmental justice, and building communities of resistance in accordance with those values. I also believe in the power of art, food and music in bringing these communities together.

I love swimming, especially in rivers and (calm) oceans. I think there is magic outside, and believe there is so much to discover in our relationship to the land and other life. I love to learn from and get to know different people! Love to laugh, and will find any excuse to dance…and make you dance with me 🙂





2 thoughts on “About Neeka!

  1. Dear Neeka,

    I was wondering what counted as a calm ocean. Does a calm ocean have waves? What about kelp?

    Lots of love, Belmont

    1. Hello bpinger,

      Calm Ocean, (c-ah-lm oh-shin): an ocean whose rip tides will not swipe you away into the great unknown– calm enough for a happy swim. Kelp is unrelated.

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