Diego’s Bio

Hello, my name is Diego and I attend Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory. I live in Los Angeles and I am going into my Junior year of high school. I enjoy running as a part of my indgenous running group which goes by the name Soaring Eagles. Last summer I studied a broad and learned about the Chinese culture. I was really excited and my trip really opened my mind to other cultures than my own. I care much about our oceans and and dedicated to helping out be sharing to others all the effects it has on our ocean and what we can do. After I learned all the affects of beach solution I decided to make this my topic for my personal project.


Diego Perez


One thought on “Diego’s Bio

  1. socalens says:

    Hi Diego, nice to meet you last evening and glad to have you at Pitzer!. I would love to hear more about your study abroad program in China. Based on your interest in ocean/beach conservation I think you will enjoy the Wishtoyo/Limu Island part of the program next week! see you this evening. – G

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