Hi my name is Jade Huitzilin Ayala I am fourteen years of age I will be going into the 10th grade at Anahuacalmecac this year. I am from Los angeles but my nationality is Mexican American my dad comes from Guadalajara Jalisco and my mom is from Los Angeles. I see my self as a girl with a LOUD  annoying laugh that loves the 70’s culture. I have attended to Davinci camp this summer at Caltech and it was a math program and we went to art museums we had important lectures from special guest speakers as well. The activities that I have participated in my school were I was in student council and I was given the oppertunities to speak and represent my community as well as my school. Through my school years the awards that I have received were the Jose Huizar award for being one of the top students in class with some of my other peers from my school. I have also done presentations in front of crowds and I have spoken to the board in Sacramento last year for my school. What I hope to accomplish in the future is that I have helped my community and that I have developed GOOOOD communication skills.


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  1. Wow Jade, you have accomplished many things and are a leader at a young age, keep up the good work! I am curious – what did you speak about in Sacramento? Happy to have you as part of the Pitzer program this summer and look forward to getting to know you better. – G

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