My name is Sadie and I’m from Bellingham, Washington. And I live on the Lummi Reservation right by the ocean. I really enjoy reading, listening to music, being with my cousin and being a babysitter because I love kids. I see myself as a nature lover, a flower lover especiallysadie. I’ve been liking working out lately as a stress reliever which mostly involves taking runs around a lake with lots of trails so I can see what I love [nature]. I also love snowboarding and I play soccer when I can. I’m going into Ferndale High School as a freshman in the fall.

My short term goals are to get good grades and continue to prioritize my happiness. My long term goals is to become either a Pediatrician or a General Practitioner. And that’s pretty much it. Bye ._.


One thought on “Sadie’s Bio

  1. Welcome Sadie. I too, am a nature lover, love hiking and gardening and it’s a requirement for me to live near the ocean – there is nothing like the sound of crashing waves and the smell of slat air. Love you photos – they are super cute.

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