I feel very calm and hyper at the same time for some reason probably because Rosa lifted my vibes up and made me feel sooooo PINK. The program has been great I am enjoying my self and thankful that I am here and that I can take something from this experience. Today we went to the Pomona museum and we were able to do some GREAT activities with Lori Sisqouc and we made some really pretty baskets and she explained that her culture uses them for cooking and other stuff in their daily routine. Also we made a story painting which was really interesting mine wasn’t really a story it was more of an experience that I had with my family on fourth of July. Then we went to a classroom and we were able to hear Tory Mudd presentation on stereotypical depictions on Native Americans it was awesome to here more about Native Americans and their struggle today and back then as well I loved how she put together and took the time to show us a little clip of examples from movies, YouTube videos etc.. Also I was able to here Pamela Peters and she was AWESOME I hope to see more of her she is a photographer and a film maker I  believe and if not I apologize Miss. Peters she showed us a video that she was working on and it was on poetry and it was really really really cooooool I loved how she carried herself and what she had to say she said some really important key points that I really liked and it motivated me to be more of a stronger person and to stand and fight for my culture, my people and my language as well. But overall it was an amazing beautiful luscious day for MUA.



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