Hey, Tina again. So today was crazy exciting. I’m actually shocked at how much we did today. It’s unreal. Okay, so this morning we woke up at 6:30 and it was funny because I remember waking by hearing Alysha knocking on the door and Chemoa was still sound asleep so I decided to go back to sleeping…NEXT THING YOU KNOW it’s 6:50 and i knew we had to meet at the clock tower by 6:55. So i wake Chenoa up and we speed walk over. But it was funny because when we got there, we see that not a lot of people were there yet. What a relief. The instructor, Hector taught us so much this morning. We learned self-defense and how to turn other’s energy back at them. To me, it was refreshing and calming, yet energizing and insane. All i can say is that i am so excited for tomorrow morning. Anyways, after the class we made our way to breakfast. Nick and I filled up big time. After our meal, we went to the academical writing with Mrs.Hurley and we discussed our experiences with college applications and our background with those experiences. Something that opened my eyes is we were showed a graph and on it I saw that the White/Asian students fill up the population way more than the Native American/African American/Hispanic for college students. So I’m thinking “Great. I don’t have a chance.” But then it occurs to me that i WILL get into college and i WILL kick butt. So take that! After that, we drove to Pamona College and learned about a worm and how the little organism’s brain is similar to a human’s. Crazy, right? We also did a really cool lab experimenting with them. We then had lunch. After that, we drove to Pamona Museum where we met Rick and Steve, two non-native workers at the museum whose knowledge on native peoples amazed me. Lori showed us how to weave baskets (I decided to give it to my grandma). Later, we did images of Indians with Pamela Peters. It was kind of like film analysis. It really opened my eyes. After dinner, We had theatre and did all of these cool exercises and improv. My second day was amazing! 


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