I have seen protests of Idle No More and never actually knew what they were protesting for just the name of the Bill they were protesting against. Joe Parker, our keynote speaker, really cleared things for me and I finally knew what we, as a people, were fighting for. First Nation people of Canada were having everything taken from them. All of us, native americans, stood by our relatives to help them and keep mother earth safe. And it makes me want to stick together as one because we are stronger that way.

Saginaw Grant is someone I really look up to. He is a Native American who made himself known and who is very passionate at what he does, even though acting wasn’t his first choice as a career. He told us to stay in school and keep practicing our tradition because if we lose our people’s morals than we lose ourself and become a problem that Native Americans have fought against for hundreds of years. We find different way of healing that aren’t meant for our bodies and spirit and he warned us against the dangerous things that lead us away from the path we walk.

One issue that bugs me is pollution to the world. We mistreat it and wonder why our world is dying. There isn’t much to do about this problem except decrease what has been done and keep on fighting for a change.


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