Our time with Joe Parker taught me that Mexico and Canada have common problems that their governments do things without their permission. My time with Saginaw Grant taught me that traditions NEED to be passed down. Be proud of your culture and of who you are. I believe that the world needs to change how we take care of our oceans. Dumping garbage, nuclear waste, and other wastes is unacceptable. We think in the moment that, “Hey, dumping our wastes in the ocean NOW isn’t going to harm us!” Well unfortunately, that isn’t true. Our fish that we eat are getting mutated and killed by the thousands. Their ecosystems are being thrown off balance due to there not being enough predators, prey, or producers. We may not see the effect to us now, but it’s better to stop it now instead of wait to see what it does to us. I strongly believe that we could change this. Starting with the youth we could stand up to all the plants and corporations polluting our waters.


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