Today in the class of theater, I have a lot of fun learning two new dances. But towards the end of the class, something memorable happen. Ms. Rose asked us to get in a circle and she called out 4 people to grab anything in the room and try to build an alter with them. The Ms. Rose took out pieces of cloths that were made from her grandmother and she talked about her grandmother’s story about where she was from and her story of coming to the United States. Then she asked another 4 people to organize the cloths on the alter. Then she asked people to volunteer to talk about an object she asked to bring the day before that was important to them or reminded them about someone important to them. I even volunteered. It was an emotional moment to see people let out their emotions when they talked about their certain object. But it was also a moment of trust when the people speaking were willing to tell everyone else something that was so personal. It was such powerful moment.


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