Today, we started off with the same schedule as always, wake up at 6:30, go to the games with Pacheco, and practice martial arts. Today we practiced with sticks by attacking someone and the other person had to disarm them. Then we had breakfast which was really good. Another session that I really enjoyed was when Shelva Hurley taught us how to apply for financial aid and scholar ships. I feel relieved because I now know more and she even gave us advice for the interviews. My favorite session  was with Kim Marcus. We shot arrows with bows across the field. Then we made pancakes with mesquite and honestly, they tasted weird! Maybe I am just a bad cook. Some of the foods at home that are really important to my culture and tradition are shrimp. It runs in the culture of the Huicholes and Coras. I also cracked acorns which was pretty fun. Then my favorite session for everyday was theater. The group helped build an altar in which we then put items that are special to us. Some of the stories behind the item were emotional and took a lot of courage. 28513972116_4f5d01ab29_o


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