So. Today was pretty eventful. Hector taught us the Makahiki games taught to him by the Hawaiians. There was a version of arm wrestling when you’re laying down, a type of chicken dance, spear throwing, and a version of bowling with a rock and bed posts (I think). I went as hard as I could in the chicken dance game and I played like, 8 games in a row. I won every one of them, no mean to brag or anything. Later in the day we talked about Shakespeare with Albert. I love the way he teaches us about Shakespeare’s poems. After Shakespeare, we went to Western University and learned about the human body. I’ve never seen a touch screen as big as the one there that they use for anatomy. It’s super cool because they don’t have to go through cadavers to get what they need to see. We also held the heart and lungs and that was very powerful because you’re holding what used to be someone’s way of breathing and living.


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