This morning when we did the martial arts, we played the four different games and we got in groups and when we played against partners and then the winner went further up and played the winners of other groups. I liked the arm wrestling and the chicken fight game. Then we went to breakfast and then to the writing class which I always enjoy but today we had a guest speaker and she showed us these three videos.

The first one was showing how the natives were like aliens and I never really thought of it like that; of how it seemed like natives were speaking some kind of jibberish and how unsettling and scary it must have been for settlers. So it brought in some new perspectives for me. Just because natives seemed scary to them didn’t justify anything that they did or anything. It just made me think a lot. The second video was good, I liked how it showed how children were so different when they weren’t being watched over by a teacher. The third one was my favorite because it showed that people who were abused try to get help through courts but they sometimes have to go to an outside source or they just have to live with what happened to them. Then we looked up scholarships and I found two that i was thinking of applying for but i’m not sure yet.

The Shakespeare talk that we had with Albert Wachtel was amazing. I loved when he read the poems to us and then he elaborated. My two favorite pieces were the first one he read about love and how the person he loved was more beautiful than nature and better than everything. My second favorite piece he read was the one where he pretty much bashed the one he loved the whole poem and told about all their imperfections. And then in the last two lines, he pretty much said it didn’t matter because he still loved them. I also loved how Albert didn’t just stay on one topic, he moved around as the conversation went on.

The Anatomy Lab was crazy because i was thinking of either going into the field of pediatrics, medicine, or neuroscience so it was so interesting to me to look at the touchscreen and see the different levels of the body. It really felt insane seeing the lungs and the heart of the human because I thought that they would be more fragile but they were more sturdy and easy to handle and look at. I wish we weren’t so rushed to look but it was still really cool. And then in theater, I was in a way better mood so i participated and it was nice to hear Belmont’s story and to tell him mine. And that was my day, see ya. ._.


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