Same morning schedule as usual, wake up at 6:30 to get to the indigenous games with Pacheco. We did more physical activity today than any other day. My favorite activity was running around the field because I am really good at running and enjoy it. Pacheco then gave me a shirt for being the winner in running. After that, we learned more about scholar ships and how to apply for financial aid. We went over terms that are usually found in common applications for FAFSA and more. We also went to the lab to dissect a sheep brain. The professor explained parts of they brain and their importance. Every part of the brain plays big roles. We then went to theater where we did more human cultures and machines. They had to represent nature or action. Sometimes it was really hard to be creative, but my group was on top of it.

An object I would take to the altar for theater is corn. The elder at my school has always talked about the importance of it and how it was one of the main foods for native people. he made me appreciate corn and respect it and other foods.

A tradition that is really important to me is soccer. It is a tradition that runs in the family and in the Mexican culture. My family expects me to have some some of skill in that area, therefore I try to improve as much as I can and dedicate time to it.

A tradition I would like to create is having any sport, preferably soccer, and ply it within the community. Like set up a special date and every year, we can go play soccer. It wouldn’t only run in the community, maybe it can spread to other communities



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