So I’m only going to write about the parts of my day that really stood out to me cause I’m tired. But anyways, today when we did the martial arts, we raced and i think that was my favorite part of the morning even though I lost. It just felt really good to run again. 

I really liked the sheep brain dissection because I like neuroscience and medical things so i liked to see the pineal gland and how different things inside the brain looked. I feel like i learned a decent amount of things from that activity. 

The talk that we had today about gender roles made me feel kind of conflicted because i get that it isn’t fair to generalize what females are meant to do and be like and what males are meant to do and be like but i also think that it’s just part of the equal balance thing. There are some things that males are more skilled at and there are some thing that females are more skilled at just because of body stucture and all the other factors that may affect how people do things. And i think that if someone is outside of these roles, it’s not bad, but they’re seen as individualizing themselves. Which is, to other people, seen as a bad thing. So you cant be in the roles or outside of the roles without being judged. 

But yeah,  i broke my phone so i’m doing this the day after. See ya 


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