I really enjoyed the trip to Wishtoyo, it made a really big impact on my emotions and my perspectives. I felt like I was in a really bad mood before I came but as soon as I got there, it felt okay to be want to be alone, and it also felt okay to be with other people which made my mood improved so much. I feel like I learned a lot about myself on the trip. I really loved the way that we grew closer as a group and I loved the comfort I felt there. The hike that we took was amazing, even though it was really hot; the trees were different than home and that was something that I loved to observe. It was my first time experiencing the woman’s ceremony, and I took a lot from it. Hearing everyone’s words and prayers were so empowering and inspiring and it was just an amazing experience.

My biggest take-away from the experience was that I need to find strength, passion, love, and myself to be a better person and that’s something I will constantly work on for as long as I need to. I felt a lot better on Limuw Island than anywhere else because there I wasn’t worried about my phone, I wasn’t worried about my personal  issues…. I wasn’t worried about anything other than the moment I was in. I felt so amazing. I learned a lot but I can’t put it into words, sorry. bye.


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