The first week of the program I had a lot of interacting with my peers. I had a lot of fun with the mentors and I had a very good experience. One day in theatre we made a little alter and everyone put something on the alter and shared a story about what they put on the alter, after that some people got emotional (which I get) but as the program went on it seemed like everyday some one new would get emotional. I think that in the mornings as we got up really early to go play traditional games with hector it would give us energy as the day started. After the first week we traveled to Wishtoyo. Then went to Limu island for a few days, while the wifi barely worked I felt like i was able to bond with other people other than the people I already knew. I felt like we got closer after we weren’t in any dorms and had to be out with others Wishtoyo. Overall the program was really fun and for some reason I thought there would be more activities, I had really fun in all the classes but my favorite had to be blogging. Gina is so fun and taught me blogging is really fun. thank you Scott for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this program.


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