My first day was filled with overwhelming feelings. Many new people i have met today, new cultures too. Everyone treated me nice and i am really enjoying my stay. The food was great, games were fun. Getting to know new people was the best part! I made some friends, waiting to make some more. I can’t wait for the future of the trip. 35029291144_8ac5340230_z (1)


2 thoughts on “Benjamin’s first day!

  1. Yay Benj! We’re so proud of u! Make the best of yr time there, have fun, & bring home all that u have learned there! We LOVE U!! Mom

  2. I’m so proud of you Yaazh. Take in all the teachings and experiences you have here and let it all guide you to a successful future. This is just the beginning, so keep up the good work that you do and stay humble and your future is yours and bright! Love,
    Auntie Mo

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