Last blog of NY2C! :(( Ben


My 2nd year here and it was so much fun! The kids here are so much fun and they have a good vibe around them. I bonded with all of them and I became friends with all of them as well. The mentors were also great as well, they explained their opinion about the topics that really helped. The teachers and elders taught me so much, I  can’t wait to take in more knowledge. This experience made me think about my future and my career path. It makes me use to college and I’ll be ready when college comes around. To all the seniors: I had so much fun with you guys!! I will miss you all! You guys made this fun and I hope for the best for your future! Thank you to everyone that came here and impacted this trip for me. See you next year NY2C!!!


Reflection about the last few days- Ben

Two days ago we basket weaved and it was a great experience! Although I did it last year, I still needed to get help. While I was in the middle of my basket, my main part of the basket broke on me. So I ended up doing a small basket but it still turned out great. Yesterday we had a class about “what we are leaving behind?”. It was a good topic because it made me think about what I’m going to contribute to the next generation.  Today we had a talk about Green energy and jobs. The topic was good and the people that presented the information made me want to see about that career. After that we had a tour of Pomona College and it expanded my mind to this opportunity. I found out some information and I’m considering the college but I’m still not sure about my career choice, lol. Just after that we had a class about Anatomy and Animation. It was cool but the coolest part was meeting a lady who did designs in movies I watched as a kid. It was like meeting a celebrity. Today was very productive and I hope the next few days are going to be the same.

The 3 days at Wishtoyo! -Ben

The four days/three nights, that’s how long we have been having fun! The first day was great, they welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. As always the food was really great, the homemade meals made me not feel homesick. The 2nd day was AMAZING! I’ve never been to the Limuw Island before and it was so beautiful! The boat ride was an amazing experience. I saw animals that I wont see in Arizona. At the island I went snorkeling and kayaking. I had never done those two things and it was so much fun!  29542000398_7d34fd8524_z

The 3rd day we shuck Abalone. The experience was fun, it felt weird but it was satisfying. Although we didn’t eat any, I had soo much fun!42510234965_0b9bd63c48_z

Just like every year Wishtoyo was so amazing! I can’t wait to come back next year to see it again!

R.I.P Sho Shoi

Benjamin’s 4th day back!

Today was a good day for all that we done and accomplished. We started off with our writing class but I ended up in the wrong class. Even though writing isn’t mt best subject, I still had fun with it. Next we studied the Mayan math and it was fun in there but it got hot fast. The highlight of my day was when we watched Spirit Game; Pride of the Nation. This was my second time watching this movie and I still get nervous about it. The movie was really good and it taught me about a background of La-Cross. All in all it was a great day and I’m very excited for Wishtoyo tomorrow!

Day 3 at Pitzer! By: Benjamin

Today we played the Mexica Flower Wars with Hector. It was a great way to communicate, bond, and listen to everyone’s idea on what to do so we can strive. Earlier that day we talked about Indigenous rights and Environmental issues. I believe that there is a way these two things can help one another. When we discussed about all the issues on the Navajo Nation, I felt as if we need to do something. In the Mexica game we had to communicate and come to an agreement on what to do as a family/community. We as a community can help it by communicating with each other so we can benefit our society. When we do this we then can have less issues because we all understand the problem!!28420470437_bffd16fd46_z28420239387_f093dce19e_z

Ya boy Ben is back NY2C!!!


Another year back here at Native Youth to College! Although public speaking isn’t my best quality, I did my best to speak. It was good to see old/new faces. Everyone was welcoming and it felt as if I’ve never left. Today went well! I got to catch up with my friends I haven’t seen in a long time. 29379045498_5bd0b05e4a_z

Just like last year we had martial arts and once again it was amazing! Even though I did this last year, I’m still rusty. The food was good here and the activities we did really bonded all of us together. I can’t wait to make more memories throughout this journey!

Leaving Pitzer by Benjamin

Hector and John

Every morning we started it off with John and Hector playing the indigenous games. They taught us good self defense techniques. I would like to thank them for all they have done and all they have taught us. Each morning was tiring but those two guys helped out with waking us all up. Thank you so much Hector and John.


Where do I even start off with him. He is full of so much knowledge and has been nice enough to share that with us. He taught me how to do many math problems on the Nepohualtzintzin. All the stories he knows about the truth of the tool is so amazing. I will keep working on learning more about the Nepohaultzintzin. He even taught us Aztec dancing, it’s so much fun! Vincente’s class was the best out of everyday here at pitzer. Thank you so much Vincente!!!


Shelva has opened my eyes on how to become a better writer than I ever was before. She teaches everyday about writing and on how we could find the right college for us. Finding some colleges that fits for me was good. I liked how she always greeted us with a good attitude every time we came in through the door. Thank you Shelva for all you have done.

Auntie Julia

Antie Julia is the nicest person in the whole world! She gave me many gifts that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. Even though she didn’t come a lot, I still had a great time with every moment I was with her. Thank you so much Auntie!

Wishtoyo people

Thank you letting us be on your land. Everyday was a good day, learning new things, having fun, swimming, making memories, and Nana’s food!! I had a blast at Wishtoyo for my first time being there. The activities were very nice and I learned a lot. Thank you so much!


Bellmont : Thank you for letting me feel welcome and being there for me. I had an amazing experience being your mentee!I hope I’ll see you next year!!! I am thankful for the talks we had and the bond that will never be broken

Phil Phil Phil! : I had a good time laughing with you, and rapping with you! Thank you so much.

Neeka: We had some funny times, and some serious times. I liked how you agreed with the things I said and you are there for me. Thank you so much Neeka! P.S Thanks for the help with my essay.

Anna: We had some laughs here and there. I am thankful for all that you have done for me! P.S Thanks for the snacks!!

Laura : Thanks you for the conversations and laughs. You helped me with my writing and I am thankful. Thank you so much!

Zara : You are a cool person and I liked how we always laughed at things. Thank you for who you are, and for what you have done for me!

MIKA! : Thank you for all the help you have done! You’re a very smart person. Thank you so much!!


Thank you so much for accepting me here!! You made me experience great!! I want to keep in contact with you all. HMU when y’all in Page! I will miss you all!!!


Social Justice and “identity” by Benjamin Alvarez

” Have the voice, speak up, you need to keep the movement going!” – Valerie

” You need to build a support system” – Valerie

These are one of the many sayings that Valerie Thomas said to us when she talked about Social Justice. She had inspiring words that made me want to stand up for my rights. I loved that class!!

“Proud Native of my own invention” – Neeka

“Theres not only one truth” – Neeka

Today we were talked to by Joshua Hathaway about colonization and out identity. He had some good words about our ancestors but then he said a sentence that frustrated me. He said “the guy that died on the cross didn’t suffer for you, your ancestors did”. Although I do believe my ancestors did, I also believe that “that guy” (Jesus) died for us too. He talked about identity and basically said you have to be in tuned to one religion/culture to be an actual indigenous person. He presented this with anger and it showed his true colors. I get to decide who I am. I didn’t want to be rude but I then realized he was the one who was rude. I didn’t stand up for my rights but I should have. Why?? Because I know who I am, I have the right to say NO. He has his truth and I have mine. Proud Native person is my identity and when someone comes to me and says that I aint who I am I have the right to speak up, you cant tell me what my ancestors would have thought to who I decided to be today. I am a proud Mormon, Navajo, and Mexican, Indigenous people and you cant take that away from me.

Trip to Western U by Benjamin

The trip took a short time to get there. We couldn’t find a parking spot for a while but eventually we found one. We did a blessing ceremony so the bad spirits won’t follow us. Some of us went into the cadaver to see the human heart. Studying it was great and knowing the differences between the vessels and veins were nice. Holding the heart felt hard but squishy at the same time. I learned that the fat that covers the heart is the same thickness as the fat on a sheep, mmmmmmmm mutton! There was 6 stations about the human body, I only went to 2 of them sadly. I had a great day there, so much fun!!