My name is Alyssa Saige Flores. I am Tohono O Odham and pima. I am continuing on my 3rd time attending the program. I am most excited to go to Wishtoyo and  participating in surfing. I am looking forward to learning about the common app, and all things I can grasp about college as I will be a senior next year. My mentor is Neeka she is super cool and I’ve learned that she is always happy. My favorite part of today was meeting my cousin for the first time today and bounding together as we made out clapper sticks. today has started off good and ended amazing I hope the rest of the trip will be the same.



3 thoughts on “Day 1 -ALYSSA

  1. I am Alyssa’s bestfriend 💓 I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and how much I’ve got to experience life with you 😌💗 we truly have experienced alot for being so young but I wouldn’t change anything because we’ve gotten close because everything we’ve been through together 😭😭 but I love you and I hope you have so much fun 💗💗 I can’t wait to see you on the 25 lol be safe and know god is always with you ✨

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