Why I came back to the Pitzer- Native youth 2 college program:

The past two years that I attended Pitzer have been so inspiring, and it has made such a huge impact on my life. I met new people that I am sure I will be friends with forever. I learned new about new cultures and heard a different perspective on why education is so vital. The mentors and staff tried very hard to keep everyone so comfortable, and caused a change in my way of thinking. They made me want to research more college, plan it out early, and get used to dorm life earlier. Shelva was definitely a huge role model, in the beginning I was so afraid to write essays and express myself, now I am passing essays with 100% at my high school! Mati and Luhui became family and Wishtoyo became another home for me and I cant explain how important they are to me because it is so large. I am so blessed to be here for my senior year, this amazing program will continue to guide youth to their future filled with education. Lasting relationships were created, lessons and traditional teachings were learned, experience was widened, and my maturity level has increased. I grew as a human with this program, and I couldn’t be more ready for my future and college.

Thanks again to Gina, Scott, Mentors I have now and in the past, elders that taught me life lessons that I will cherish forever, and Pitzer college for giving me this opportunity to express my culture, spirit, self, and making education a priority for Native youth.

Hy’shqe (Thank you in Lummi Language)

Panamea (Thank you in Assiniboine Language)

Thank you



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