Today was my first day of Pitzer’s Native Youth to College Camp. This camp is unlike any camp I have hitherto attended. All my fellow campers are indigenous like me and so I am now surrounded by a myriad of people congenial to me; all representing one of Turtle Islands various cultures. These are people whom I’m very glad to have camping with me are all interested in learning and sustaining their culture like. It comforts me knowing that I am not alone in my efforts to preserve the immemorial ways of my ancestors.

Today we campers participated in making the traditional craft “clappers”, an instrument that creates a clapping noise, we also participated in an ancient dance, that’s name I have sadly disremembered. Although slightly mortifying it improved my confidence and ultimately I was just thankful to be participating in this dance.

Not even an entire day has elapsed and I can already foresee myself growing into a far changed individual. I’m excited to see where this camp leads me.

-Zaryn Prussia



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