Today we had the honor of seeing the documentary: Spirit Game- Pride of a Nation. This documentary really moved me. I felt very strongly about this film and I am grateful Gayle Ann Kelley was able to be there with us and answer question at the end of the film. This film was about how the Iroquios National Lacrosse Team went through their journey of competing in the 2015 Box Lacrosse Championships and all the hardships they went through to compete. I was very shocked about all the discrimination these Indigenous people went through but also felt proud that they kept their heads up and did not sink down to the levels of the people that put them down. Many parts of the cinema stuck out to me, but one part in particular was when all the other national lacrosse teams got their passports signed with the Iroquois Confederacy stamp but, Canada out of  all nations refused to do this. I was disappointed and felt quite embarrassed that first of all, I did not know about this. And secondly, that Canada puts themselves out to be so open and accepting no matter what race, nationality or gender someone is, yet they denied this simple gesture to the Iroquois people. I have never not been proud to be a Canadian Citizen, but after seeing this film, it made me feel ashamed of my nationality.



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