Currently its the end of day 2. It’s been an awesome day my highlight of today was watching the amazing movie Game Sprit Pride of a nation. Its the best thing seeing our people doing big things such as creating a movie to educate those who are not indigenous. I loved seeing in the movie how the native people Huadanesaunee were so much involved with keeping the tradition of lacrosse still in the game. The biggest part of the film that is going to stick with me as long as I remember. Is when the Chef of the tribe went to visit the Pope and the security made him take off his head gown because they looked at it as a weapon. It made me tear up that the majority of people are still not yet fully educated about our culture, and to also say to him that while he left it outside it would be taken care of. As they walked out and seen that his head gown was just sitting on a table un watched. This action is a great disrespect not just to him and his people but to all ingenious people. the film in a whole was a very great film and hope to go home and share and educate my people back home with the film. I  want to thank Gale Anne for introducing us to the wonderful film.


One thought on “Spirit Game: Pride of A Nation – Alyssa

  1. Wow! Sounds like a powerful film. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see it and hear more about this film.

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