Today we saw the movie “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation” and it was a really interesting movie. I really enjoyed every part of it, the game part which was really entertaining and intense. I didn’t only like that part, but the message behind it. It was about the Iroquois reclaiming the game that they have lost during colonization times. The were banned to play the game as part of their assimilation. The movie also talked about the Doctrine of Discovery. The Doctrine of Discovery has changed and shaped history. Many Natives have lost their land because of this Doctrine of Discovery. It is even used today in courts and people have justified their ownership of land through this Doctrine. I like how they interviewed many people in high positions about the Doctrine, especially the pope. My favorite part of the movie was how they always lost. I liked the way they took the L by holding their heads high and being proud for themselves for making it so far. Most of my questions were answered at the end. A question I was going to ask is, why don’t women play Lacrosse? This was answered clear and it made me realize why.


One thought on “Jasson’s Second Day: Movie day

  1. I recommend a documentary called Keepers of the game, its about All-Native American girls lacrosse team seeking to change attitudes about gender roles. Great review on spirit games film!

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