Woke up this morning, Though I was tired, we started off this morning by learning doing some Indigenous martial arts before breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Pomona College for most of the day. We got a tour of the campus, had lunch there, took writing classes and for me, I was being retaught a different way of using the Nepowantzinzin. We then headed back to campus and after dinner we were fortunate to see Spirit Game: The Pride of A Nation. I loved the film for it’s topic focused on the sport of Lacrosse and it’s approach to The culture and story behind the sacred game. I was rather moved by the film because of the ignorance and undereducatedness of some of the peoples ideas on the Iroquois and their game, for an example, how one of the medicine man of the tribe was denied access to the Pope’s speech due ton his headdress which contained deer horns which the secret services viewed as a threat because it was “Pointed”. I loved the film for what it is and I will share film with friends and family to bring attention to this film.


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