The movie was truly inspiring and motivating. I liked it because it was something different for me, specifically I enjoy sports like cheer, softball and volleyball, so watching this movie definitely opened my eyes to something different. This movie was also touching because there was a situation that involved the pope and a indigenous leader. They would not let the leader in with his headgear witch is sacred to him. It is a sign of responsibility and strength, although security did not see it that way. They saw his headgear as a sign of danger because it had horns on the top.  This conflict was not worth it because at the end they left it at the table alone and unsupervised. That was a sign of disrespect. One thing that caught my eye and will stay with me is that not all people value the same things, some people truly do not recognize how cherished and honorable native culture truly is.


One thought on “spirit movie -aleyah

  1. Aleyah, the moment when the woman from the American Indian Law Alliance began to tear up when she saw her spiritual leader so disrespected was heartbreaking. I am so glad that you enjoyed the film as much as I did. Excited to read more posts and hear more about your personal reflections!

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