Last Night, We all did an activity consisting of standing on blankets and the blankets represented parts of Canada and we represented the native population of Canada. We held sheets of paper that were “Scrolls”, Which either had a quote or had a text that said an event that took place and had a negative or positive impact on the people. I felt stressed out, Heavy, sadden and anxious at tons of points of this exercise due to all my peers (representing the native population) disappearing due to losing their land, women in the native community disappearing, children being snatched from their parents to go to boarding schools, suicide rates death by starvation or death by TB, Smallpox, etc. It was a moving exercise, we then all sat down in our chairs and started sharing how that experience was for us. It became rather moving and a safe space for people to share thing that they normally would just tell people they met 3 days earlier. The more people shared the more I realized that in some ways, I could related to everyone. It was a very Emotional but supportive night, what I mean by that was that everyone was there for each other that night. On to today, I started off my morning waking up at 7:50 to go get breakfast. Our trip the springs in West Hollywood was cancelled, so the schedule for today was alternated. Instead for 2 hours, we did Danza Azteca, which i’m happy that i got to today because its been a year and a half now since i’ve done Danza with a group of people, It really felt good and I felt connected. and we talked about how Danza is connected to everything that surrounds us, I was absolutely amazed and mind blown because I had never thought of Danza Azteca at that complex level. I then attend a ceremony that all the boys were in, It was great we got to smudge ourselves and sung songs. After that, a few us went to the town area and went to Yogurtland and got some yogurt and we also went to the record store, which was awesome even though I spent most of the time at the Hip Hop section looking at my favorite albums such as J. Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ and MF DOOM’s ‘Mmm… Food’.


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