Ja-Rey sweats and protects

so honeyyyy, 

Today we were giving the opportunity to play an indigenous game called Mexica flower wars. The objective of the game was to capture the warriors who were carrying sacred staffs by touching the tops of their opponents heads. It really wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The day before we learned how to protect over self using indigenous martial arts.  we learn to block our heads and our stomachs but also learned how to move energy. Our instructor, Hector Pacheco reminded us how disciplined our ancestors were by cultivating a focus atmosphere within the students. He taught us the knowledge behind the game and how those with the sacred staffs represent future generations. The goal for the team was to protect the new generation and to listen to those of the future. Participating in Mexica flower wars built a stronger sense of community at the NY2C program between the students. We were able to communicate with each other and focus our energy on one purpose. From this we would be able to apply the same skills we learn during the game to help enrich our communities. Being able to organize and communicate with people in our community allows use to cultivate the energy and discipline we need to create a more inclusive future for indigenous people all over the world. I had a good time though it was so hoooot up in there. it was funny also, I can’t wait to learn a lot more about…. everything. 


Leaving Pitzer by Benjamin

Hector and John

Every morning we started it off with John and Hector playing the indigenous games. They taught us good self defense techniques. I would like to thank them for all they have done and all they have taught us. Each morning was tiring but those two guys helped out with waking us all up. Thank you so much Hector and John.


Where do I even start off with him. He is full of so much knowledge and has been nice enough to share that with us. He taught me how to do many math problems on the Nepohualtzintzin. All the stories he knows about the truth of the tool is so amazing. I will keep working on learning more about the Nepohaultzintzin. He even taught us Aztec dancing, it’s so much fun! Vincente’s class was the best out of everyday here at pitzer. Thank you so much Vincente!!!


Shelva has opened my eyes on how to become a better writer than I ever was before. She teaches everyday about writing and on how we could find the right college for us. Finding some colleges that fits for me was good. I liked how she always greeted us with a good attitude every time we came in through the door. Thank you Shelva for all you have done.

Auntie Julia

Antie Julia is the nicest person in the whole world! She gave me many gifts that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. Even though she didn’t come a lot, I still had a great time with every moment I was with her. Thank you so much Auntie!

Wishtoyo people

Thank you letting us be on your land. Everyday was a good day, learning new things, having fun, swimming, making memories, and Nana’s food!! I had a blast at Wishtoyo for my first time being there. The activities were very nice and I learned a lot. Thank you so much!


Bellmont : Thank you for letting me feel welcome and being there for me. I had an amazing experience being your mentee!I hope I’ll see you next year!!! I am thankful for the talks we had and the bond that will never be broken

Phil Phil Phil! : I had a good time laughing with you, and rapping with you! Thank you so much.

Neeka: We had some funny times, and some serious times. I liked how you agreed with the things I said and you are there for me. Thank you so much Neeka! P.S Thanks for the help with my essay.

Anna: We had some laughs here and there. I am thankful for all that you have done for me! P.S Thanks for the snacks!!

Laura : Thanks you for the conversations and laughs. You helped me with my writing and I am thankful. Thank you so much!

Zara : You are a cool person and I liked how we always laughed at things. Thank you for who you are, and for what you have done for me!

MIKA! : Thank you for all the help you have done! You’re a very smart person. Thank you so much!!


Thank you so much for accepting me here!! You made me experience great!! I want to keep in contact with you all. HMU when y’all in Page! I will miss you all!!!


Another Day – Coyotl

Today was packed with a lot of classes about change with our culture. The people in the program and the mentors are all connected in a way that has change my motive and my way of seeing my culture. I have shaped into trying to spread the culture of natives claiming that we still live and we are still a people. All the people have showed there culture and carried their knowledge about themselves. I believe that I can spread this statement through Social Media and through the community. This will eventually be the statement that the government will testify but then approve of since they cant kick people of their own land. They are going against their own rules. It will be totally awesome if this will be carried on through future generations of people.

Victor: Wishtoyo

We arrived to Wishtoyo and were welcomed by the Wishtoyo family. We all gave each other hugs and greeted each other. We then all had lunch together and talked to each other and enjoying the food. After that we had some free time, I decided to just gaze off into the sunset and write some things in my journal.we then had dinner which was delicious and after that, Mati talked about the Chumash culture all the way through until bedtime, which I enjoyed and took in every moment of it. Woke up the next morning, we went to the beach, didn’t do much but chill out and catch some California sun. After that I did 2 different activities before dinner which were Sacred Geometry, Which i was really into and I also made a traditional abalone necalce. We had burritos for dinner, which made me feel at home again, I was starting to grow a connection to Wishtoyo. Unfortunately I did not go to the sweat lodge due to not hydrating enough prior to it, so I just watched the stars and thought about people in my life for a bit and went to bed.I felt somewhat emotional the next morning because we were leaving Wishtoyo, but before we left, we got to surf at the beach, which for me resulted in getting a bad sunburn on my back and neck and also before we left, we had one final lunch in Wishtoyo… We said our goodbyes to everyone there and has we were going out the gate of Wishtoyo, the people we had met there sung a song and prayed for us, It made me emotional in the inside. We got back to Pitzer College and we were late for dinner… Soooo while we were in Music Scoring class, our mentors got us all In-N-Out!!! So right after an hour spent in an awesome music class, we had our food and went to bed.

A trip to the Place of the Rainbow

In the Chumash language, Wishtoyo means Rainbow. When arriving to the place of the Rainbow, I heard such beautiful voices coming from the entrance way. I seen Mati, Luhui, Sarah and the rest of their family with such big and wide smiles. I felt like crying when seeing such wonderful people once more. After getting off the van, I witness such positive energy and a great aura emanating from them. Once they sang to us, I went up to every single person and hugged them with so much joy, that it was overwhelming. Then we had a ceremony for our arrival to Wishtoyo that gave such a good feeling and positive energy. Hearing the voice of Mati and sharing his teachings, made me feel at home. Wishtoyo does feel like a second home.

Throughout the day of arrival, spent a lot of time settling into our tents and the feel of the place. That same day, Joe Clues showed us Sacred Geometry that interested me to be involved in. He taught me how to the Geometry is involved and connected to patterns and things in the universe. Since I have such a great love for mathematics and the universe, I was one hundred percent focused on his words and what he was teaching me. I spent the first night of sleep outside looking at the stars with my friend Cuauhtli and opening up to each other like I’ve never done before. The sound of the ocean was so soothing and beautiful that it made the even better.

The next day, I made a necklace using a plant called Yaka. I hit the plant with a rock until the strands of fibers started to show and part. Then, I pulled the strands of fiber apart in half and began to time the strands of fibers into a necklace. I was unable to decorate the necklace, but I did finish and let it dry. Again, we had another class of Sacred Geometry that taught even more. At the end of day, I went to the bottom of Wishtoyo where we created a fire with rocks for sweat ceremony. It took about two to three hours for the rocks to get fully heated. We entered the area for the sweat ceremony. The first round began and it felt good but very hot at the same time. We sang and had prayers which made me feel united with everyone in there. I excited after the first round but I felt like I could’ve lasted more. The ceremony did not end until around six the next morning. I only had about two hours of which made me feel tired and exhausted throughout the rest of the day. When we left, I felt so sad but so happy to have gone to Wishtoyo and been around the elders and everyone else.



Victor M. : 5 Days…

Woke really tired this morning. First thing I did this morning was run to the indigenous games as I was soon going to be late to it. I made it 2 minutes before it started and today I was excited because we do a new thing every time we do indigenous games. Today we were practicing ancient strategies used by my people, the Mexica. We did runs with a group of 8 people, which we also practiced formations used against the Spanish when they came, one of my highlights of the day. Another highlight of my day was, of course going to Aztec Math class, that class never disappoints and in fact makes my day knowing that I’m re-connecting. And the final thing that made my day was weaving up a basket. My basket ended up being a vase, but i think when I go back, I’m going to give it to someone special. Last thing I want to say is that I’m so excited to go to Wishtoyo tomorrow.

Victor: 4th Day, feel very close to everyone

Last Night, We all did an activity consisting of standing on blankets and the blankets represented parts of Canada and we represented the native population of Canada. We held sheets of paper that were “Scrolls”, Which either had a quote or had a text that said an event that took place and had a negative or positive impact on the people. I felt stressed out, Heavy, sadden and anxious at tons of points of this exercise due to all my peers (representing the native population) disappearing due to losing their land, women in the native community disappearing, children being snatched from their parents to go to boarding schools, suicide rates death by starvation or death by TB, Smallpox, etc. It was a moving exercise, we then all sat down in our chairs and started sharing how that experience was for us. It became rather moving and a safe space for people to share thing that they normally would just tell people they met 3 days earlier. The more people shared the more I realized that in some ways, I could related to everyone. It was a very Emotional but supportive night, what I mean by that was that everyone was there for each other that night. On to today, I started off my morning waking up at 7:50 to go get breakfast. Our trip the springs in West Hollywood was cancelled, so the schedule for today was alternated. Instead for 2 hours, we did Danza Azteca, which i’m happy that i got to today because its been a year and a half now since i’ve done Danza with a group of people, It really felt good and I felt connected. and we talked about how Danza is connected to everything that surrounds us, I was absolutely amazed and mind blown because I had never thought of Danza Azteca at that complex level. I then attend a ceremony that all the boys were in, It was great we got to smudge ourselves and sung songs. After that, a few us went to the town area and went to Yogurtland and got some yogurt and we also went to the record store, which was awesome even though I spent most of the time at the Hip Hop section looking at my favorite albums such as J. Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ and MF DOOM’s ‘Mmm… Food’.

The Little Things in Life

It was wonderful to be back at Wishtoyo once again. Before the arrival of Europeans, my People (the Mexica) traded and connected with the Chumash People. Each time I step onto Wishtoyo I feel as if once again the threads connecting our Peoples are being mended. The land is so beautiful, and it’s an amazing feeling to know at least this part of the land, the village, is being taken care by its People. As the land does not belong to the People rather the People belong to the land. 

I enjoyed seeing all the students from the program show a different side to themselves that was free, open, and curious. Being at Wishtoyo does something special to you, especially when you are indigenous. For me I feel more connected to the ancestors and nature. I feel as if time has stopped, and I can focus on the small things in life like laughing, loving, and learning. It was incredible to see and hear that each student enjoyed what little time we spent at Wishtoyo. Despite only being at Wishtoyo for about a day and a half, as a group we were able to share songs, dances, and stories under the night sky and by the fire. I was humbled to be able to share a dance from my People’s culture with everyone there. However, I have to admit that one of my favorite things about Wishtoyo are the three German Shepherds which truly help make Wishtoyo feel like a home away from home. Mati, Luhui, and everyone else at Wishtoyo make all who visit feel as if they are apart of a greater family. What a magnificent time at Wishtoyo, I can’t wait for next time.   

Mentor – Miahuatl Kuauhtzin

I would like to introduce Miahuatl Kuauhtzin as a 2015 Pipeline Program mentor!

Miahuatl PIc

 I am a Mexica-Azteca born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, with my two younger siblings. Through the efforts of my parents, I grew up immersed in my culture. Up until the twelfth grade I attended a school founded by my parents, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, which represents a community-based response to the international call for indigenous education. At school I was able to learn my mother tongue Nahuatl, our traditional dances and instruments, and our history and traditions. Despite growing up in a loving and accepting school, I am no stranger to the discrimination and struggles of my People. I have spent much of my time fighting for indigenous and human rights.

My greatest honor continues to be serving as a leader for my community by participating in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and organizing our traditional ceremonies. I continue to give back to my community often volunteering at Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory and helping to organize MEChA de UCLA’s Raza Youth Conference. I have traveled to different parts of the world and the United States, like New York, Canada, China, and Mexico. I am currently an undergraduate at UCLA with a major in Chican@ Studies. I am working towards becoming a Veterinarian with a specialization in indigenous traditional medicine for animals.