Yesterday was a very long day. In the morning we woke up before seven to play indigenous games. After winning three matches of the Aztec games with Hector, I felt exhausted, knowing there was only one more person to play, Tlaloc. As his arm came swinging down I had milliseconds to react to try to block. His arm has a lot of sweat after he also played three matches before. As my arm made contact to block it slipped off and he took the last point to win the game.  We learn though the experience of playing that no matter if we win or lose, we still respect each other and don’t feel like gloating during those games. Although I have learned to us the Nepohualtzintzin when I was younger school. Our Elder Vicente has brought perspectives on it. I thought it was for counting but my mind was completely blown when he thought us how easy it is to find the square root. This was shocking because we had never been exposed to higher math and realizing how advanced our ancestors were. We meet with our elder Julia to create necklaces. After being gave soap stone and a metal sander we sat down for 45 minutes to work. My hand started shaking before being half way done. The edges were fast to carve off. Once the stone  was smaller if you carved it to fast you could easily mess it up.



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