So far I feel very comfortable with my peers.I am really glad we were able to talk in a group about very intense topics. Everybody in the group is very mature and took everything really well. I feel in a safe place when I speak, just as everybody else. After the activity with Elder Gary, I took some time to reflect. Everything that happened in the past is really traumatic and I can now see the effects of those events. We talked about personally issues or events that had happened in this activity and that really helped the group toped up to each other. The atmosphere was intense, mostly everyone was crying. When I talked I was nervous, but something about the room made me speak up and talk. Maybe it was the positive energy within my group.

Before all that, we had indigenous games in the morning. It was really fun to spar with each other. Even though I lost most of my games, it was still really fun and interesting. Many people last, but I really liked how everyone took the L in a nice way. I think we do a really job at following instructions and meeting our goals. We ave gone over discipline and unity. So far, we have achieved those goals. We practice discipline within the practice of indigenous games and I can see unit outside of the indigenous games.

My favorite part of these two day was making my necklace. I have always wanted an indigenous necklace with a meaning, but they are all too expensive. Now that I made one for free, I can say it has a lot of meaning considering that I made it and how. I made a healing bear necklace, which represents me in a way because I like to help others and help them with their healing. First I got a rock with the drawing of the healing bear. There was no more tools to scrape the rock so I got a really small one. It took a while to carve part of the bear, but luckily my friend Tekpatl let me barrow with big tool for scraping and I made some decant scraping. Then when I got the outline of the bear, I needed to do the gap between the legs. I had to be really carful so I took my time. After I was done, I starting scrapping sand paper on my bear to make it smooth. I later began to use it on the sharp edges so I can give it some curves. Finally, elder Julia put oil on my bear to make it shiny and smoother. That was my process.


Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 6.33.44 PM.png


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