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During my four days I have been at the Native program I have learned: creative writing with Shelva and started brainstorming and researching colleges, Vicente and Coyo shared Aztec Dance, we colored and beaded with Julia, the blanket exercise, soapstones,  and clapper Sticks. With the creative writing and brain storming for colleges, it was really interesting for me because I really got the experience of searching for the colleges I want to got to, and it me think of how college time is coming soon and how much more serious I need to be. When doing the blanket exercise I felt like this made everyone in the program closer because it was such a touching subject that really spoke to all of us on different levels. As for me I was grateful that we went into the subject of Natives losing their lands and getting put into boarding schools, because it opened all of our eyes to what happened and what is still happening. My favorite experience so far has been the Aztec Dancing that we did today, because it was so beautiful to learn other peoples traditions and the way they give thanks to the creature. I also liked it because I haven’t really got the experience of learning native dances like in my own tribe so to learn these dances was wonderful and it made me want to be more into my culture.


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