It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… ANYWAY, these past two days have been magical obviously because well it’s camp. My favorite time has to be when a lot of us go to the hammock and Cuauhtli plays his oldies and some homies and I just vibe to it. I got to learn a lot about a lot of the peeps here in the program this year and made stronger bonds quicker than I did last year which is super surprising to me considering that last year was one of the strongest bonds I’ve made with people ever in my life. This year is a tie with last. So good job @ whoever picked these students. Y’all did good. The mentors this year are pretty aight, haha. I really missed talking to Belly about everything. So now that I get to see him almost every day is just awesome because he’s the homie. I also really like chilling on the balcony area at night before we have to go to sleep. We just talk and laugh and chill and make stupid jokes. It really makes me wish that this program was longer so I could spend more time with everyone and hear their stories that they have to share. This year really made me notice that no matter who the person is, meaning if they’re always happy and being nice or they’re sad and depressed, they’ve gone through some shit. Everyone faces a battle and we have to learn to show respect to anyone and everyone to allow the the security of having someone in their life who cares about them as a spiritual being stemming from one place having a human experience and as an individual. I love talking to Huitzilin and Kat about everything. I also love talking to Jarrod and Tlaloc about stupid stuff. These next 11 days will be dope. Trust.



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