We started the day off with learning about Aztec battle strategies and formations we used in war. We learned about the diamond, inner and outer circle, straight line, and another one that supposedly intimidated the spanish. Tata Hector and John  were our teachers and they taught us discipline, self control and strategy and the knowledge that comes with it. I feel it is mentally and physically challenging and i feel it is physically challenging because of this thing we do that is kind of like horse stance called Pyramid. Its where you do a horse stance position and you left hand grabs your right. I when my legs start to hurt and i feel like collapsing, I prayed to my great grandma, but it was weird because I didn’t have any intentions of praying and i was so sudden like i closed my eyes and started praying. After that we did aztec math and we learned about the divinity of the nepohuantzintzin and how important the nepohuantzintzin was to the aztec people. Nepohuan means to count and tzin is a way of expressing endearment and its kind of like spanish where ito/ita is used to express endearment for example, you can say abuela, but abuelita would show that she extra special to you. We also weaved baskets after lunch and mine came out a lot better than i expected, although not complete, it looks nice and i thing the weaving techniques are from a tribe that is native to the pitzer college area.


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