Today July 15,2017 we started our day off with Indigenous games with Hector and John and focused on strategies as well as unity. Towards the end of the games I looked at everyone around me and felt just right at home because home is where family is and here in this program it already feels like a family. I enjoy these games we play everyday because we involve martial arts into it and since I was in middle school I would do martial arts in my school and they would invite an instructor from Beijing,China. His name was Bing Shi Fu and he was such a wise and amazing instructor full of happiness in what he does and he always had such joy in showing us what he knows. Hector Pacheco reminds me so much of this instructor because just like Bing Shi Fu Hector has so much joy into showing us these indigenous games that were shown to him. I very much enjoy these games which help me learn such valuable skills just like when I did martial arts at my school.

Today we also had Aztec math with Vicente and I felt so much at home because in my school we use the Nepohualtzintzin and its such a wonderful tool that makes math so much simpler. Vicente loves to tell such amazing stories and these stories remind so much of when I was a little girl and my mother would tell me stories. Towards the end of the day we weaved baskets and that was my favorite part of my day. I enjoy doing arts and crafts so much it helps me relieve stress and it becomes very therapeutic for me. I feel like every time we do these hand on activities it reminds me of my humble home. So far in this program not only have we’ve done things that remind me of what I usually do in my regular life but this program has also taught me so many new things that have slowly been helping me grow. I am so thankful for everyone for being so together and so energetic during the day. I am so excited for what is to come tomorrow on our trip to Wishtoyo.

Peace and Love Christine


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