Woke really tired this morning. First thing I did this morning was run to the indigenous games as I was soon going to be late to it. I made it 2 minutes before it started and today I was excited because we do a new thing every time we do indigenous games. Today we were practicing ancient strategies used by my people, the Mexica. We did runs with a group of 8 people, which we also practiced formations used against the Spanish when they came, one of my highlights of the day. Another highlight of my day was, of course going to Aztec Math class, that class never disappoints and in fact makes my day knowing that I’m re-connecting. And the final thing that made my day was weaving up a basket. My basket ended up being a vase, but i think when I go back, I’m going to give it to someone special. Last thing I want to say is that I’m so excited to go to Wishtoyo tomorrow.


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