Every time I get the privilege of going to the Wishtoyo Chumash Village I feel blessed to be there. It’s always a powerful experience when there is native people on native land. Each and every time I come back i’m learning new song new words and new teachings. I love the fact that this place always seem to be the place where every one tends to connect more with each other. This year I learned and experienced something powerful. I was taught about a women’s moon cycle. I learned how powerful a women is when she son the cycle. The words of Luhui ” If the moon above can move the waves so can a women when shes on her moon”. I was one of the young women that was on the moon cycle and we were treated with great respect from every single person there. We weren’t able to serve food nor prepare food nor walk into the kitchen or circle. It was pretty difficult adapting to these ways. I hope my mother is reading this so that when i’m on my moon I wont have to go into the kitchen. Meaning I wont have to wash dishes nor help cook yayyy.

On the second day we went to Zuma beach were we boogie boarded and swam in the water. Later on that day we had sacred geometry with Joe Clues he was a great instructor. i learned about the golden number and how it relates into almost everything it was mid blowing what i learned from him. Than we had surfing class it so much fun as of now this is the best thing I did. It sure is really difficult to get up and ride a wave the first time, but i came very close to it. Most of all the best thing about going ti Wishtoyo is the food. OOO man the food is the best and made with love by Nana and Sergio. The food made me feel like I was at home. I had the best time being here and I hope that I’ll be back soon.



One thought on “My Time at Wishtoyo

  1. Hola!
    Of course I read your blog every night before I go to bed. And each day I read and am more intrigued with your new adventure. Yes, I know I will also learn to adapt to the moon cycle. But you should know that it’s double work after the 7 days. Lol. Love you…..

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