The 3 days at Wishtoyo! -Ben

The four days/three nights, that’s how long we have been having fun! The first day was great, they welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. As always the food was really great, the homemade meals made me not feel homesick. The 2nd day was AMAZING! I’ve never been to the Limuw Island before and it was so beautiful! The boat ride was an amazing experience. I saw animals that I wont see in Arizona. At the island I went snorkeling and kayaking. I had never done those two things and it was so much fun!  29542000398_7d34fd8524_z

The 3rd day we shuck Abalone. The experience was fun, it felt weird but it was satisfying. Although we didn’t eat any, I had soo much fun!42510234965_0b9bd63c48_z

Just like every year Wishtoyo was so amazing! I can’t wait to come back next year to see it again!

R.I.P Sho Shoi


Rainbow by James Fenelon

God_s Rainbow

I am now back from Wishtoyo which means rainbow in the Chumash language. Wishtoyo is one of few places which has managed to preserve much the culture from the natives of that area. For the most part the place is unaffected and tries its best to stay that way. The Chumash people are currently involved in a fight for the channel islands which was originally theirs. Many lessons were taught, but the most important of them was to fight to keep your culture alive. The Chumash like many native nations are still alive and are adapting alongside society with them being ahead in some cases. Many native nations were already aware and grateful for their resources which is something that most countries are having a tough time grasping. This is what makes Wishtoyo (Rainbow) a truly sacred place.

Jarrod’s experience at Wishtoyo

When i first got to Wishtoyo and saw the tents and the beautiful view of the ocean i had a sense of relief. Mostly because i was tired of being in the bus, just kidding. I was relieved at the fact that i get to see the ocean again and maybe even see some dolphins in the ocean. On the second day of being at Wishtoyo, we went to the Limuw and i Kayaked and Snorkeled for the first time in my life. While kayaking, i was scared because my friend Isaac was messing around and was rocking the kayak and almost made it flip. While snorkeling, i was just scared to get caught in kelp or meet a creature that wouldn’t be that comforting to be face to face with. Snorkeling was fun tho, i saw creatures that i haven’t seen before in person. Anyways on the way to Limuw, i saw dolphins for the very first time in person, and it actually brought a smile to my face. But when we came back, i was upset because of certain events and stayed in my tent, but i would hear the songs that everyone was singing and it was actually calming to me. But overall i am happy to have gone to Wishtoyo again, it brought me knowledge and understanding.43366806492_8a0625b6aa_z

Tyvon’s unforgettable experience at Wishtoyo

Hello Fellow Readers, I haven’t blogged over the past few days due to having no connection with the blog but a lot has happened for example our trip to Wishtoyo which was amazing and beautiful.  During our trip we traveled to the home island of the Chumash people, learned new songs, learned about laws that only apply to Native Americans, and more about the doctrine of discovery( domination). When we were arriving to the islands I will never forget about the dolphins playing in front of the boat. On the island we went kayaking which was a new experience for me and I am glad I went because the scenery was absolutely breath-taking, we also went snorkeling. But good times unfortunately come to an end but I will cherish my time at the village.



The 7th Generation will change – Alyssa

As I’ve been advertising to many of my peers. Our generation is the 7 Generation. As said by sitting bull we are the ones to bring back our traditions. To bring back the language, food, teachings, and stories. I truly believe that we are and will live up to the expectations. I will take back the songs of the many different nations that I’ve learned over these 2 weeks. I hope to see in the future that we will stay true to all the things that our elders are teaching us about other earth. That mother earth is our protector she is the one keeping us alive she is our everything. I hope to see that all us young adults will teach others on how to treat the earth on what and not what to do. We did research at the Chumash Village. We learned that global warming is happening and it’s making the sea level rise quick. I remember being at Wishtoyo a year before this. There was a decent size beach and walk way . Than when we went the other day i noticed there was very little room to walk and hardly any beach space. It’s awesome to be the generation that is watching it happen. We can also be the ones to slow down or change things that we were are doing now to increase the speed of it rising. Our group talked about things we can do as a community to help. One is the eat less red meat to decrease the about of pollution in the air. We also thought that if we would to keep our cities clean and to use less plastic. Lastly we thought to plant more greens and plants.  To decrease the amount of green house gases. I would say a role model to me here. would be my lovely friend Aleyah she has been apart of my life since she was 6 and I was 9. Some people say its weird or would never look up to somebody who is younger but to me its perfectly fine. Adults still as they older learn from the younger generation. I have seen her from being a little girl always asking questions and being annoying lol. To becoming a great, mature and power young role model to many. I hope to continue watching her grow up to be one who leads our people.





Christine’s Trip to Rainbow Village

Wishtoyo… what an amazing village filed with such good energy and amazing people. On Sunday July 19, 2017 the students of the Native Youth 2 College Program went on a 2 Hour drive to visit the amazing village of the Chumash people in Malibu, CA. Since we entered the village I had already felt such good energy and I was already so happy to be there. We were all greeted with a song by the Chumash people in their language.

On day one of our trip at Wishtoyo I had already learned so much about the Chumash culture and even about myself. I learned that when women are on there moon time that they are so powerful and that they should not feel embarrassed of there moon but instead be happy of this amazing gift the creator has given us. I as well heard such a beautiful story about the Chumash people and how they are connected with dolphins. On that first day at Wishtoyo I felt so happy and already loved by the Chumash people including Mati and Luhui. I loved learning about myself there as a young indigenous women with Luihui to Learning to throw the Atl Atl with Mati. During the next couple of days in wishtoyo I got so connected with the other students in this program that they felt so much like my family at home. On the last night at Wishtoyo I was so sad to leave such a beautiful place. Wishtoyo is an unforgettable village filled with unforgettable people and I cant wait to go there again and hopefully next time as a mentor.



Wishtoyo- Kat’s reflections

First, words can not explain how closely related I feel to my Chumash people. Mati, Luhui, Auntie Georgie, Auntie Mena, Uncle Johnny, Nana, Uncle Ray, Leah (and Mateo), Sergio, Sarah, Kotes, Joe, Shoshoy, Sumo, and Ashk’a. Coming from another Coast Salish area and visiting with the Chumash who are also from the coast is absolutely amazing and such a blessing. The last three years in this program, I made a family and a home at Wishtoyo. It truly is a Rainbow, and I could follow it forever. The Turtle and Dolphin clan, I feel are gonna be my forever family. So many stories and teachings are stuck in my mind and I hope I never forget them. Songs, stories, teachings, blessings, prayers, gifts, creations, laughs, FOOD, scenery, history, love, kindness, traditions, and so much more are given to you when you go to Wishtoyo. Humaliwu, also known as Malibu, is the original homelands of the Chumash and we are always welcomed with open arms.

Right after I typed this paragraph above, my computer shut off and I thought I lost all my writing just now. I couldn’t stop myself from crying because I put my heart into it. It was a paragraph I could have written again but it just meant so much too me. The effect that Wishtoyo has had on me, its like I can’t even handle losing just a little piece of it. The memories and people that are now part of my life mean the world too me. I know there are going to be more journeys to Lemu, Wishtoyo, and Humaliwu. Thank you too my family, and friends from the rainbow.

You’re forever my family,

I love you all



Thank you,



Diego’s back at Pitzer

Waking up back in a comfy bed raised up three feet from the ground feels a bit disconnected. Especially after waking up by crawling out of a sleeping bag, watching the sunset while standing around the siliyc and with the Wumalibu ocean view. However, there were moments that made it cheerful to be back at pitzer, such as indigenous games. Today we got to play flower wars against each other, testing our strategies and teamwork.  Afterwards we got to speak with admissions about what they look for in an application. I feel more confident on how my application will be summited this Fall/Winter.

No place like home

Well, my spirit isn’t at Pitzer College…it’s at Wishtoyo. Those three days were the best. Anything involving my homeland is just so medicinal for my body, mind and spirit. The moment we got there, I was greeted by my grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, my brother (He’s not really my brother. He’s my cousin’s fiancee who is one of my favorite people.) and MY MOM! I missed my home-girl so much. After greeting, we had ceremony filled with songs, stories and prayer. Then we went out to the cliff and did a prayer for our Mother ocean because she is hurting. Then we went down to the water and people got their feet wet but the tide came in and majority of the people were drenched. We then had a separate Woman talk about the importance of the Moon Time. The ,men had their talk too but i have no clue what they discussed. Then we ate food BROUGHT TO YOU BY NENAAAAAA!!!! Then we went to the beach and I sang some Chumash songs to Anna. Basically the whole entire trip was amazing. The funniest part for me was the way back. So, the night before, the men had a sweat and everyone was sleeping but somehow Cuauhtli managed to stay awake. On the way back to Pitzer, Zaryn, Marissa, Sylena, Violet, Jasson, Aleyah and Kyle were talking and Cuauhtli passed out on the floor of the van. So while he was sleeping, we were messing with his face and stuff like that. Then he started to snore…LOUD! And Kyle laughed so hard. It was hilarious. Anyway, it was dank.


My 3 days at Wishtoyo – Coyotl

At Wishtoyo, It was a good feeling there because the people there were very welcoming and happy. The host Mati Waiya and Luhui isha are the ones who were awesome in doing this. They said it was a huge group with so much good energy. They took us to the beach down there. It was COLD!!!!!!!! All the rocks were very annoying but over all, it felt excellent to be soaked in ocean water. When we weren’t learning, all of us had fun in the evening. The dogs were so FLUFFY!!! The new one was named Ashka and the others were Sumo and Sheshoi. It was a blast and so much went on. The food was sooooooooooooooooooo good it was like my mom was cooking. Still drooling. It was the best memory I could ever had.

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