today was a pretty chill day i no i woke up late but it was all really worth it. My road to recovery from wishtoya wil be so heartbreaking, i miss it already. Today we did more of that kung fu stuff we ben doing and we did like a game today. After we had breakfast then we had some nipple math with veesenthay. Then we had some downtime and i did laundrey then we had dinner. Then we had the talking circle then we came into the computer lab and started going over our introductions that techbot recorded us doing. And now im blogging


One thought on “today- aleyah

  1. Aleyah, I’m glad that you took the time you needed to rest from our time at Wishtoyo (which was both beautiful and exhausting). When you are writing these blogs, make sure that we get to hear about your day but also about your feelings, thoughts and reflections of the day! Excited to read the rest of your blogs! :o)


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