When we came back to Pitzer, we all went to a class where Ben Florio was. Ben taught us about how music can make a scene in a video game or movie can really affect the moment. We had a little exercise, where we would watch a video and try to imagine what type of music would be there to make the moment better. We watched some movie clips and listened to the music. The movie scene that i was confused about was the death of Doby, because everyone started laughing which confused me so much.

The next morning, i woke up pretty late and jogged down to the indigenous games so i can get to the blessing in time. We then played an actual game against each other, which taught me strategy and teamwork. Some parts of the games rules were confusing at first but i got it eventually. Some strategies were working and some failed but it taught me that strategy is the best weapon.

Way later, we had a talking circle where Vicente told us so many things that i have never really heard of. I don’t get taught much about culture, so i am glad to learn from someone that knows his culture and can teach me some of it. Then the men sang a song together to honor all the women. Again i am just glad to be here, without this program i don’t think i would ever learned anything about any culture.


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