I had a really bless time at wishtoyo. I met new people and i will forever be grateful for the up close and personal experience i got to have on the chumash grounds . When we first arrived, they were singing the welcoming song. As we all unloaded from the cars we greeted them with hugs and words of wisdom. Then we settled into our tents and ate lunch, Nena was a bomb chief. Tbh. While we were there it was kinda feeling like Pitzer weather once the sun started glaring hard later in the day some of us got burned. Sleeping in the  tents was really fun, to be paired up with people was interesting. My tent had the girl mentors and it was me destiney and Marissa, me and Destiney had some good times tho, lots of laughs. The next day i was super exhausted but i took a nap while some people learned sacred geomatry . We also went down to the beach, it was real rocky tho so as a result i got some scratches from the rocks, again the food was really good. They separated us into groups that had to do the dishes. I was in group 3. In the morning after we got there they opened us with the sunrise ceremony in the saleek. That day we also learned about climate change and ow if we dont hear about it now we will not be prepared for the future. Us as growing and maturing women learned about the moon cycle and how it was a blessing and we should not feel that its a punishment, We were told that this is the time were were most powerful and sacred and we were just so valuble. That meant that the girls that were on there moontime couldnt go in the kitchen or hug other men or even go in the saleek. but the rest of the time was realy enjoyable


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